Sun Awareness Week 2019

Sun Awareness Week (6-12 May) encourages people to regularly self-examine for signs of skin cancer and teaches them about the dangers of sunburn and excessive tanning.

The week is organised by No Time to Lose (NTTL) campaign supporter the British Association of Dermatologists, a charity that practices teaching, training and research of dermatology.

Worldwide, non-melanoma skin cancer is the most frequently diagnosed cancer, with an estimated 2-3 million cases registered every year.

In Britain, there are at least 1,500 new cases of non-melanoma skin cancer and 240 new cases of malignant melanoma linked to solar radiation exposure at work diagnosed each year.

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is a risk that particularly affects outdoor workers, who receive 5-10 times the yearly sun exposure of indoor workers.

The engagement resources we offer as part of NTTL will help you communicate important messages on preventing occupational cancer caused by solar radiation exposure within your organisation.

We’re supporting Sun Awareness Week and encourage everyone to get involved and help raise awareness of solar radiation risks at work in the following ways: