Workplace carcinogens highlighted to rail safety professionals

Group photograph at Rail Industry Conference 2014

IOSH took the No Time to Lose campaign to the Rail Industry Conference on 27 November. The new campaign aims to raise awareness of the causes of occupational cancer.

27 November 2014

In the UK alone, around 8,000 people die every year from a carcinogenic exposure at work. Across the world, the total is estimated at 666,000 annual deaths.

Ian Prosser, Director of Railway Health and Safety at the Office of Rail Regulation, supports the campaign: “The IOSH No Time to Lose campaign is a valuable mechanism for educating employers, managers and workers on the prevention of occupational cancers.

“ORR strongly supports its messages – importantly, that prevention really is better than cure and health needs to be managed like safety.

“ORR will continue raising awareness about the dangers of exposure to harmful materials at work, and the practical control measures which must be implemented, to help drive up standards of rail worker protection.”

Martin Leeks, Chair of the IOSH Rail Industry Group, said: “We need to do more to raise awareness of occupational health in the rail sector. The No Time to Lose campaign will aid health and safety professionals highlight carcinogens like diesel engine exhaust emissions and others to help prevent cancer caused by work.”

Conference delegates from companies including Network Rail, Virgin Trains and QBE, as well as the Health and Safety Laboratory, visited the campaign stand.

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