The importance of managing carcinogens during Covid-19

IOSH’s No Time to Lose campaign is urging organisations to manage carcinogens in workplaces during Covid-19 as it marks its sixth anniversary on 3 November 2020.

Global research estimates that one person dies on average every 43 seconds from a cancer caused by work – a staggering 742,000 deaths a year. However, these deaths are all preventable. No Time to Lose provides free practical resources to help businesses manage dangerous carcinogens in the workplace.

The campaign is tacking four serious carcinogens – asbestos, silica dust, solar radiation and diesel fumes. Its webinar on 29 October entitled ‘Managing the risks of workplace carcinogens: what your organisation needs to do now’ reminded businesses not to lose sight of carcinogens while they concentrate on risks associated with Covid-19.

IOSH Council member and NTTL Ambassador Keith Hole chaired the panel discussion, which brought together expert researchers, professional bodies, campaigners and those affected by workplace cancer to discuss why managing these cancer-causing workplace risks is so important – and how we can do it effectively.

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