Occupational cancer campaign launch in Nigeria receives Lagos State Safety Commission backing

The No Time to Lose campaign which aims to tackle work-related cancer was launched today (22 January) at the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health’s (IOSH) inaugural West Africa Conference: Shaping the Future of Occupational Safety and Health in Africa, in Lagos, Nigeria.

The campaign is run by IOSH and was launched in partnership with the Lagos State Safety Commission, which is committed to offer efficient regulatory service for the safety of everyone, support investment and business continuity, and register safety practitioners in the state.

In Africa, cancer caused by work claims the lives of an estimated 46,494 people a year.

The current statistics from the International Labour Organization et al, show that, as a proportion of GDP, the average cost of work-related injuries and ill-health in Nigeria is 4.38%. That’s higher than the global average of 3.94%, proving that there has never been a more important time to launch No Time to Lose.

The launch focused on two main occupational cancer challenges in Nigeria – asbestos and diesel engine exhaust emissions. At the event, free practical resources to help businesses manage exposure and keep workers safe and healthy were provided to delegates.

Important leaders at the event included high-level representatives of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, IOSH Chief Executive Bev Messinger, IOSH Vice-President Kayode Fowode, IOSH Head of Strategic Engagement Alan Stevens, IOSH West Africa Consultant Funmi Adegbola, the Director-General of Lagos State Safety Commission, Mr Lanre Mojola, as well as the Nigerian Insurers Association and Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria.

No Time to Lose was presented by IOSH Vice-President Kayode Fowode to an audience of around 800 delegates, including VIPs from international organisations and business leaders.

Kayode said:

“IOSH’s No Time to Lose campaign is gaining impressive momentum in Nigeria. We now have seven organisations with a combined workforce of over 1000 employees who have signed-up as official campaign supporters, of which three organisations have taken the next step by signing-up to the campaign pledge – a six-point action plan to manage carcinogenic exposures at work. More companies have shown interest in supporting the campaign too.

 “It is exciting to know that within a short period, No Time to Lose is raising awareness of occupational cancer and the prevention of carcinogens in Africa and beyond. The prospects of preventing this menace are bright for the near future.”

No Time to Lose is now officially supported by 380 organisations worldwide, seven of which are in Nigeria, these are the Lagos State Safety Commission, Environment and Safety Management Institute, Eunisell, Gokada Rides Limited, Hybrid Group, Kevron Consulting Limited, and MTC Enterprise Development Limited.

Gokada Rides Limited, Kevron Consulting Limited and Hybrid Group have also joined 130 forward-thinking businesses by signing-up to the campaign pledge. Their commitment was recognised with a No Time to Lose certificate.

Download free No Time to Lose campaign resources to help manage carcinogens at work.

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