NTTL Ambassador Mavis Nye recognised with Honorary Degree

No Time to Lose (NTTL) campaign Ambassador Mavis Nye and her husband Ray Nye were awarded Honorary Degrees by the University of Kent on 9 July 2019 for their tireless work to tackle asbestos-related cancer.

Pictured left to right: Ray Nye with wife Mavis Nye

Mavis contracted mesothelioma from being exposed to asbestos dust while washing Ray’s clothes when he worked as an apprentice at the Chatham dockyard in Kent.

After her diagnosis, Mavis went on to set up the ‘Mavis Nye Foundation’ to inspire other victims of mesothelioma.

She has supported NTTL in numerous ways, including signing up as an official NTTL supporter, sharing her video case study, presenting as an NTTL Ambassador at events including the RoSPA Scotland Conference, which took place on 1 May 2019, supporting media relations, and both her and Ray will be presenting at the IOSH 2019 conference.

To mark this award, Mavis Nye Foundation supporters, mesothelioma patients, and delegates from the University of Kent attended an event at the Commissioners House & Gardens in Chatham.

On receiving their Honorary Degrees Mavis said: We were so honoured, and after the wonderful speech the Orator gave to introduce us and our speech, and to see everyone give us a standing ovation, we were in tears. The whole day was magical and we feel so honoured.”

Ray said: “Words to describe yesterday are not enough. It was a magical day. A day that could not be bettered. A thank you to all of those who contributed to it seems inadequate. Bless you all who attended. And yes a Big thank you all.”

On behalf of the IOSH No Time to Lose campaign, Craig Foyle, Immediate Past President said: “We congratulate Mavis and Ray for their tireless campaigning and awareness-raising to educate others about the continuing threats to workers of becoming exposed to asbestos fibres through the jobs they do.

“While No Time to Lose can develop and share practical, instructive resources that improve knowledge and help people make the right decisions to protect against occupational cancer, it is through dedicated campaigners like Mavis and Ray that we’re able to reach the people most at risk.

“We’re proud that Mavis and Ray Nye continue to advocate on our behalf to help prevent future cases of mesothelioma.”

To find out more about Mavis and Ray Nye’s Honorary Degrees, read their blog.