IOSH calls on ‘people power’ to support World Cancer Day

Today, the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) is urging employers to pledge their support for the No Time to Lose campaign on World Cancer Day.

This year marks World Cancer Day’s 20th anniversary and it’s ‘I Am and I Will’ theme is all about people and their commitments to act, showing how individuals can make real impacts.

The day is organised by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC), the largest and oldest international cancer organisation dedicated to taking the lead in uniting the cancer community to reduce cancer worldwide.

For over five years, IOSH’s No Time to Lose campaign has gathered support from businesses, workers and governments to tackle cancers caused by work. It promotes getting involved in World Cancer Day to help raise awareness and take action to prevent cancer.

Global research estimates that one person dies on average every 43 seconds from a work-related cancer – a staggering 742,000 deaths a year. These deaths are all preventable, and NTTL provides free practical resources to help businesses manage dangerous carcinogens in the workplace.

Asbestos fibres, diesel fumes, silica dust and mineral oils are just a few of the substances linked to cancer.

For millions of people across the world, working with these carcinogens is a reality. IOSH – the world’s largest organisation for occupational safety and health professionals – says these hazards can be tackled by ‘collaboratively controlling the exposure risks’.

IOSH Chief Executive Bev Messinger, said:

“We’re encouraging everyone to get involved in World Cancer Day by downloading and sharing our free practical resources, raising awareness on social media, and joining our community of 380 supporters from 40 countries.

“In the last four months we have launched the campaign in Australia, Malaysia, Canada and Nigeria. Just last month, I attended our first West Africa Conference in Lagos, and was delighted to see that seven Nigerian organisations have already supported the campaign of which three have signed-up to our campaign pledge.

“I am doing and I will do my bit to raise awareness of cancer caused by work on World Cancer Day and I hope you do too. By working together, we can beat occupational cancer – there’s No Time to Lose.”

Kanagaraja Raman, President of the Malaysian Occupational Safety and Health Practitioners’ Association, said:

“Preventing ill health is a key part of a rolling programme of continuous improvement. We urge other employers and organisations to support this important campaign, to reduce the incidence of work-related cancer.”

Meanwhile, Perry Ruehlen, Executive Director of the Canadian Society of Safety Engineering, said:

“Our members know how vital it is to prevent exposure to carcinogens. The practical, far-reaching No Time to Lose campaign is one good way we can all collaborate to fight occupational cancer.”

No Time to Lose offers free resources to workers worldwide and encourages workers to get in touch to share their stories.

With the backing of over 380 organisations, across 40 countries, NTTL raises awareness of a category of cancers which affect many working lives. The campaign offers the opportunities to get involved at all levels, from supporting online and via social media to becoming a pledge signatory, raising awareness and protecting others.

To find out more about the NTTL campaign and to download your free resources please visit: or follow @_NTTL on Twitter and use the hashtags #WorldCancerDay #IAmAndIWill

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