Global reach of NTTL showcased at IOSH food and drink conference

Professionals working in the food and drink industry have been shown the global reach of IOSH’s No Time to Lose occupational cancer campaign.

4 October 2016

Delegates attending IOSH’s National Food and Drink Manufacturing Health and Safety Conference heard how organisations across the world are supporting the campaign, and raising awareness of work-related cancer as part of their own operations.

IOSH Immediate Past President Tim Briggs told the conference that occupational cancers are “entirely preventable”.

He said: “It’s time for action, and the time for action is now.

“We have over 160 organisations supporting this campaign around the world. We want your businesses to be involved too because we don’t want your workers experiencing occupational cancers.”

With many delegates at the conference being employed by companies with international operations, Tim said: “My plea to you is support the campaign, sign the pledge and get people involved.

“Use your influence over your supply chains to make this campaign even bigger, better and reach more people.”

He added: “It’s people that make things safe and people who make things unsafe.

“It’s also people who can help us beat this cancer and make people more aware.”

This year’s conference has been organised by the IOSH Food and Drink Industries Group in conjunction with the Food and Drink Manufacture Health and Safety Forum.

Delegates will hear from more than 20 speakers during the conference, which is being held at Forest Pines Hotel & Golf Resort in Broughton, North Lincolnshire, on 4-5 October.

The winner of IOSH’s annual International Food and Drink Health and Safety Awards will be announced during the conference. Proceedings can be following on Twitter by using the hashtag #fdconf16.