EU-OSHA declares support for IOSH campaign

IOSH’s No Time to Lose campaign has received backing from the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA).

19 November 2014

In a supporting statement, the agency’s director, Christa Sedlatschek, said: “The grim reality of around 100,000 deaths in Europe every year caused by work-related cancer presents an enormous challenge; a challenge that is recognised in the European Commission’s new EU Strategic Framework on Health and Safety at Work and in EU-OSHA’s programme of work.

“Our forthcoming report on exposure to carcinogens and work-related cancer highlights the importance of effective regulation in this area; of carrying out further research on the nature and extent of the problem and of raising awareness around the issue.”

The influential agency is run by a board of representatives of governments, employers and workers from EU member states, and European Commission officials. It includes as its aims the raising of awareness and dissemination of information on “the importance of workers’ health and safety for European social and economic stability and growth”.

Ms Sedlatschek said: “The ‘No Time to Lose’ campaign that IOSH is running is an excellent example of how awareness can be raised with a targeted and effective approach. I wholeheartedly support this initiative and look forward to helping take the message to as wide an audience as possible.”

IOSH head of policy and public affairs Richard Jones said: “IOSH is absolutely delighted to have the invaluable support of the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work for our No Time to Lose campaign.

“Our campaign to prevent occupational cancers has international application and the Agency is a powerful and influential voice for health and safety across the whole of Europe and beyond. We welcome collaboration with such organisations from across the world in raising awareness and tackling this global problem.”

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