Costain shares No Time to Lose campaign with over 200 people

15 December 2016

More than 200 people have learned about managing harmful exposures at work as a result of one UK-based company’s pledge to IOSH’s No Time to Lose campaign.

Leading engineering solutions provider Costain recently hosted two events to raise awareness of the campaign, occupational cancers and other workplace health issues, among both its staff and key stakeholders.

Around 60 members of Costain’s water team and representatives of its supply chain were engaged during a safety, health and environmental management (SHE) forum held in Reading, Berkshire, on 30 November.

A further 160 people also heard about the No Time to Lose campaign at an event jointly hosted by Costain and MWH at the Ricoh Arena, in Coventry, Warwickshire, on 7 December.

The latter event was held in support of Severn Trent Water’s ongoing One Supply Chain site managers’ forum, which aims to provide its tier one contractors and their supply chain members with essential health and safety information.

The Institution was represented at both events by the Chair of its Professional Standards Committee, Tim Briggs.

IOSH Chartered Member Lawrence Webb, SHEQ Manager at Costain, said the presentations by Tim had been warmly received as being “poignant” and “thought-provoking”.

He said:

“Costain has signed-up [to No Time to Lose] as a part of its long-term commitment to driving important and best practice in health standards.

“The aim of our quarterly SHE events is to raise the profile of current initiatives, to share best practice and develop enhancements to the way of work through interactive workshops and guest speakers.

“The IOSH No Time to Lose campaign is a prime example of the crucial messages that need to be common place in the construction industry, for which Costain is a key driver.”

Of the second event, Lawrence added:

“Tim’s No Time to Lose presentation was a key element of a ‘speed-dating’ approach to learning where essential health and safety subjects were reviewed in small groups, on a rotating basis.

“Other subjects included manual handling, water industry chemical safety and plant and pedestrian safety.”

Costain is one of more than 170 organisations across the world that have to-date given their support to No Time to Lose.

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