Workplace Safety and Health Institute

The ILO has estimated that globally 666,000 men and women lose their lives to work-related cancer every year. Just in the EU alone 102,000 occupational cancer deaths are expected.

We need wide international collaboration to recognise and market new and evidence-based practices that have been shown to produce results. In recent discussions with IARC, we concluded that – out of all types of cancer – occupational cancer is both a feasible and realistic target for action.

I propose a global programme to ‘Eliminate occupational cancer – zero tolerance to occupational cancer’. Such a programme needs to be supported by all key global stakeholders, in particular, ILO, WHO including IARC, and the EU. Professional organisations, such as IOSH, ICOH, IOHA, ISSA, IALI, AIHA, Collegium Ramazzini and others should contribute to this as best they can.

I congratulate IOSH for taking this campaign initiative – let’s all support it!

Dr Jukka Takala
Workplace Safety and Health Institute