Watkins are market leading M & E Contractor’s delivering integrated end-to-end building services to the construction industry in London and the South East.

The impact of Watkins operations on our employees and the wider community is a key priority and working safely is at the forefront of all our business decisions.

With dedicated staff, inspections and an extensive training programmes, risks to our business and clients are positively reduced.

Watkins are always seeking new technologies, techniques and initiatives to reduce the risk of harm to our workforce and community.

By joining this campaign we hope to reinforce COPD awareness within our organisation at all levels. We are committed to the cause and are already members of the British Lung Foundation.

We aim to increase knowledge and SSOW in order to eradicate unsafe exposure to harmful dust and vapours.

We whole heartedly believe that no one should come to work and get hurt in any way.

Elizabeth Marsh

Senior Administrator HSEQ