Thames Laboratories

‘Recent research estimating that CLASP schools will still be undergoing demolition in 2050 is a perfect example of the work that still needs to be done in the industry. To address this, I’m actively involved in various working groups and advisory boards to assist in expanding asbestos awareness and safety procedures.’

– John Richards, Managing Director.

When it comes to preventing ill-health in the workplace, our industry sector concerning health and safety compliance, statutory inspections and the robust management of asbestos-containing materials, is at the forefront of encouraging best practise and proactive solutions concerning occupational cancer prevention.

As a result, Thames Laboratories is pleased to be able to support the ‘No Time To Lose’ campaign from IOSH. As a company, we value the health of our employees as well as our expanding client base. This means that we will strive to ensure industry-leading asbestos awareness throughout our supply chain, including extensive training opportunities for all employees involved in delivering our contracts.