Hull City Council

Environmental Health in Hull is the regulator of thousands of businesses in the area.

We work not only with businesses, but with a large number of other stakeholders including educational organisations and other regulators. Our action can make a difference to ensure the workforce enjoys a healthier and sustainable future.

We will make tackling health risks a priority in the years to come – by carrying out targeted and effective interventions in the industry, asking them to control and manage the risks and taking enforcement action where employers have failed to take reasonable action to protect workers from carcinogens.

Occupational cancer may be considered an ‘invisible’ risk due to its long latency and uncertain nature – it is often overlooked. We fully support IOSH’s campaign to raise awareness of this very important issue, and will share information about the campaign and work with stakeholders to raise awareness and encourage them to take action.

Khaled Choudhury
Environmental Health Officer

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