Health and Safety Executive

Shockingly, around 99 per cent of all workplace deaths in the UK are caused by ill health, not accidents. Not only that, but ill health accounts for many more days lost than accidents.

Occupational cancer is one of the most serious and common causes – of the annual 12,000 health-related deaths across all industries, around 8,000 are put down to cancer caused by workplace exposures to hazardous substances.

Tackling health risks on construction sites is a major priority for the Health and Safety Executive – we are asking companies to control and manage the risks before they become the health problems of the future, going back to basics of hazard awareness and the hierarchy of control: elimination, substitution, engineering control and personal protection as a last resort.

We support IOSH’s No Time to Lose campaign, with its focus on getting important information on carcinogenic exposures out to businesses and encouraging companies to come up with practical action plans.

Philip White
Chief Inspector of Construction
2009-13 and 2014-15
Statement Date: September 2014