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Graham Construction is a multi-discipline national contractor undertaking building, civil engineering and design, and build projects throughout the UK and Ireland.

The business is committed to demonstrating a positive health and safety culture through proactive management observations, cultural and behavioural safety programmes, and both supply chain and employee engagement and involvement.

As part of this positive culture we focus on health issues with the same intensity as safety issues, including education and training in health related issues and topics, statutory and non-statutory medical surveillance, health risk management and control, and valuing and promotion of employee wellbeing. 
We feel that signing up to the IOSH ‘No Time to Lose’ campaign will help demonstrate our tangible commitment to occupational health management and will assist our employees and supply chain members’ focus and direct their thoughts around health protection for all employees and the reduction in exposure to occupational cancer sensitizers.

Andrew Cooke 
Group SHE Director

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