Ee Swan Electrical Engineering & Plumbing Service

Ee Swan Electrical Engineering & Plumbing Service is a dedicated one-stop engineering solutions provider with a spectrum of services ranging from metal fabrication, M&E works, to logistics and exporting catering to high-risk industry players of different trades such as multi-national oil and gas and marine companies.

Health and safety is paramount to our company as it reflects our manpower resources available at a moment’s notice given the nature of our work, beyond the compliance to local legislation and our clients’ rules and regulations.

Our company is fully committed to ensure the health and safety of our employees are in tip-top condition with the evolving and increasingly complex work environment and scope.

Occupational cancer is not something that is thought of immediately when concerning health and safety issues even though the risk is very real in today’s context and will continue to be in the future. The No Time to Lose (NTTL) campaign is instrumental to send a message which our company supports for the betterment of all stakeholders.

Kim Leng Tan
Managing Director