BOHS welcomes the IOSH campaign on occupational cancer, No Time to Lose.

The latest Health and Safety Executive statistics indicate that about 8,000 cancer deaths each year could be due to work-related exposures. Tragically, most of these cases are entirely preventable with the implementation of effective occupational hygiene controls. Unfortunately, where Workplace Exposure Limits have been specified for carcinogens, the level of compliance with these limits is often low.

The IOSH campaign aims to raise awareness of this issue which in turn will hopefully lead to more employers taking the necessary steps to ensure that they are protecting their workers. Protecting the health of the workers of today and tomorrow to reduce the future occupational disease burden is the number one priority for BOHS, and joining forces with IOSH and others on such initiatives is a step in the direction towards achieving this.

Mike Slater
BOHS President 2014–15

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