Working together to tackle asbestos-related cancer

No Time to Lose, with the backing of over 200 supporter organisations worldwide, has already shown how we can combat work-related cancers by taking action together. IOSH now needs your help to tackle the deadliest of them all – asbestos.

Today, its use is banned in 62 countries, including the UK, but the historical use of asbestos has left the substance in much of our built environment and can be fatal when disturbed. At the same time, its mining and use continues in some parts of the world.

Worldwide, asbestos-related cancers claim at least 107,000 lives a year, and approximately 125 million people continue to be exposed to asbestos at work, in industries such as construction, demolition and farming.

No Time to Lose aims to reach the workers most at risk, and least aware, of the world’s most lethal workplace carcinogen.

We hope you can contribute your support and ideas to build on previous efforts and initiatives to reduce the number of lives lost due to workplace exposures to asbestos.

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