A view from the Chair

Farewell from the Chair – November 2018

As we are fast approaching the end of 2017, and I am approaching the end of my six year term on the committee, I am very sad, and yet very proud to announce that at our Group Strategy meeting on 10/11/2017 I stepped down from the Chair of the IOSH Offshore Committee, handing the reigns over to my Vice-Chair, Mark Jenkins. Mark has been with the Committee for 2 years, serving as my Vice-Chair for the majority of that time and has been core in the development and successes of the Group, and will undoubtedly help to steer the Committee and the Group on to the next level. Mark will be supported by a new Vice-Chair Tom Cliff. I shall be staying on the Committee until both are happy in the new roles and the transition has been completed.

The drive to spread the word to our global membership within the Group has been core to our strategy during a time of real challenge within our industry, and this remains key to our strategy. During my time in the Chair we have reached out from our previous home base of Aberdeen to many other areas which we knew our membership are based. Since 2015 we have delivered 15 events across 10 different regions from the Highlands and Islands to East Anglia to the Middle East and through the three webinars we have been able to reach both members & non-members on each of the continents.

As one of, if not my last appearances on behalf of the Committee I will be presenting at our joint even with the North Wales Branch on the 18th January 2018 at Beaufort Park in Mold, North. I hope I can meet some of our members there in another new region for us.

With 2 incredibly successful annual conferences under our belt now is absolutely the right time to pass the running of the group onto Mark and Tom, and I do this with a huge amount of pride about what the Committee has achieved.

All that is left for me to say is a huge thank you to everyone on the Committee and within IOSH who has supported me during my time in the Chair, it has been an immensely rewarding experience which I will always be very grateful for.

As always, wishing you safe travels,

Simon Hatson
Former Chair of the Offshore Group Committee.