Chair's Update

IOSH Chair Update December 2016

At our last committee meeting, with Christmas fast approaching, we felt it appropriate to feedback on our recent progress and to provide an insight into our plans for 2017. Listen to our December 2016 update here.

Following our members survey in late 2014, your responses led us to identify three key topics for the current committee. These where:

CDM 2015

Occupational Health, and

Behavioural Safety.

In respect of CDM, to date we have run several webinars with HSE speakers and have contributed to the review process prior to the issue of the CONIAC/ CITB industry guidance material. All webinars can be found by following the link CDM continues as part of our activities going forward with our active support of both the CITB drive to achieve short video CDM case studies and the planned APS forum looking at skills, knowledge and experience (SKE) in line with the CDM requirements. During 2017 we have plans to develop a CDM 2015 presentation for local delivery. This will provide insight into both progress to date following implementation of the new regulations, and likely evolution going forward.

Occupational Health has become a hot topic in the construction sector with many seeking to address the historic imbalance between the burden of ill Health and Safety accident statistics. Within a sector generating an unacceptably high level of ill health we have played a meaningful part in the IOSH 'No Time to Lose ' (NTTL) campaign around dust, sun exposure and silica. This includes the provision of speakers to IOSH events, attendance at the IOSH Silica Roundtable event and organising our own SME event. During our recent SME Roundtable meeting we brought together a series of industry representative bodies to analyse the successes of big build in order that key messages and concepts can resonate within smaller organisations.  We have also run some well attended webinars on Occupational health related topics including Health Risk Management in Construction and Construction Dust - How to Control it and Mates in Mind earlier in the year.

Through 2017 we will continue to support the IOSH NTTL campaign as it moves into the asbestos phase, a significant topic for our industry. Further webinars are planned which will link to the Health in Construction Leadership Group activities and the new sector specific mental health initiative launching in January 2017. Our SME Occupational Health Roundtable initiative will move from data collection and assimilation into action as the year progresses and we will update you accordingly.

Behavioural Safety will receive greater attention in the year as we develop a programme of materials to help demystify behavioural safety, enabling individuals to select specific tools and techniques which assist their businesses, rather than be a slave to a specific providers’ solution. This is likely to include presentations, webinars, signposting and articles as we develop our plan.

Key to our progress was the desire to become better connected across the IOSH membership and with relevant external organisations. Through our efforts we can point to evidence of good progress including increasing group membership, growth in web page views and webinar attendance. In fact IOSH have even needed to increase their webinar attendance capacity because of our activities. Similarly, we are now represented at the Construction Industry Council (CIC) Health and Safety Committee alongside industry professional bodies like RIBA and ICE. We are also continuing to liaise with the Health and Safety committee at Build UK to provide meaningful collaboration.

Whilst we have made many positive connections and contributions over the last 24 months, we still need to build stronger relationships with other IOSH Groups and Branches. Whilst we have some good connections to a small number of IOSH groups/ branches we seek to expand that connectivity. If you would like to contact us you can always email or call our Networks Officer, Leanne Lowther ( at The Grange.

Finally, we are aware that our member survey identified that members are also looking for information on working at height and emerging issues. Our expanded 2017 webinar programme will address this with planned events covering work at height, Building Information Modelling (BIM) for Health and Safety, and employee fatigue.  Some soft skills content will also be included along the way.



Paul Haxell