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  • Health and Safety in a Changing World

    Edited by Robert Dingwall and Shelley Frost
    health and safety in a changing world book cover

    Health and Safety in a Changing World (2017, Routledge) is the result of a major five-year research programme funded by IOSH.

    • Price: £34.99
    • IOSH book 164 pages
    • ISBN: 978-1-13-822521-3
  • Home office, mobile office - Managing remote working

    Home office mobile office report
    Advances in information technology mean that more and more people are working away from the office. Remote working has many advantages – including reduced costs for employers and greater flexibility for employees – but it also raises different health and safety concerns.
    • Advice guide
  • First anniversary of the introduction of health and safety sentencing guidelines – IOSH position statement

    • IOSH positions
  • Return to work after cancer

    Return to work after cancer report

    There is an increasing amount of information available for line managers, human resources and occupational health professionals on helping individuals with cancer stay in work.

    However, until this research, there had been a lack of evidence on specific health and safety issues and effective approaches to risk assessment and risk management for occupational safety and health (OSH) professionals, and others, to support those undergoing treatment or returning to work after cancer.

    • Advice guide
  • Fatal collisions on the road

    Fatalities CRASH report

    Fatal collisions on the road and safety and health: Using narrative data from coroners’ files to determine the extent of underestimation of fatal work-related road collisions in the Republic of Ireland (2016).

    This report discusses how narrative data from coronial road traffic fatalities (RTF) files were utilised to assess the extent of underestimation of work-related RTFs captured through official road safety and health and safety data collection systems. This research was undertaken by University College Dublin.  

    • Reports
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