O'Connor Utility Services

O’Connor Utility Services is fully committed to eliminating exposure of carcinogenic substances to our workforce.

We are pleased to support IOSH’s campaign on preventing occupational cancer. Our workforce is our main priority so we stand to protect them. We’re committed to providing our workers with complete protection as it is our priority that they return home safe and healthy to their loved ones at the end of a working day.

We recognise huge challenges within the utility industry, with all sorts of factors that could cause ill health. But we believe more can be done, and pledge our support to the aims and objectives of IOSH’s No Time to Lose campaign.

Richard Lye
Framework Manager

O'Connor Utility Services 

SHEQ Consults LTD

We should all be taking care of our employees and monitoring air quality, ensuring correct PPE is being used, fitted and maintained. And where necessary, ensuring lung conservation is in place where appropriate.

Terry Pease


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