New Zealand Occupational Hygiene Society

It is good to see the IOSH No Time To Lose campaign focusing not only on raising awareness of work-related occupational cancers but also offering practical support to aid businesses in developing their prevention programmes.

The NZOHS is supportive of this campaign and looks forward to working with IOSH and its international partners in identifying new ways to improve our focus on preventative measures to aid business and workers to have a better understanding of occupational cancers and what they need to do to manage these. This campaign is a move in the right direction.

Derek Miller

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"Uplands gives its full backing to IOSH’s No Time to Lose campaign. We feel it is essential that all duty holders within construction, from major clients to the self-employed, pay this issue the attention it deserves to help reduce the number of occupational cancer cases."

Paul Brookes
Director of Health and Safety