NHBC's health and safety services help housebuilders tackle essential issues, but occupational health is much harder to address than functional threats.

It is essential that housebuilders look at addressing occupational health issues, particularly those that lead to cancer. As our corporate charity partner Cancer Research will tell you, cancers of all types blight many lives in the UK, and some we can do nothing about – but in the case of cancers caused by carcinogen exposure in the workplace, these are largely preventable.

We are supporting IOSH’s No Time to Lose campaign because it will help save lives. It really is that simple.

Tom Kitchen
Health and Safety Operations Manager

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"It’s difficult to find anyone who does not know of or is concerned with the word ‘cancer’, but there are many businesses and their workforces that do not understand the implications of carcinogenic exposures at work. IOSH’s initiative to launch the No Time to Lose campaign deserves every possible support, and we are happy to collaborate and ensure its success."

Dr Francis La Ferla