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As one of the contractors for major projects including Belfast City Hospital, Queens University Students Union and Dundalk Race Course, Kane Group Building Services is committed to creating and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment for our employees on site.

It’s imperative that we have measures in place to try and tackle the root cause of occupational cancers – and through signing up to the IOSH No Time to Lose pledge we are confident our business can play its part in order to achieve this.

We are delighted to be on board with IOSH’s campaign and hope that other businesses will make their pledge too.

Cathal McMullan
Managing Director

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"Occupational cancer may be considered an ‘invisible’ risk due to its long latency and uncertain nature – it is often overlooked. We fully support IOSH’s campaign to raise awareness of this very important issue, and will share information about the campaign and work with stakeholders to raise awareness and encourage them to take action."

Khaled Choudhury
Environmental Health Officer