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As a safety consultancy and training provider with a significant focus on accredited health, safety and environmental training for the onshore and offshore industries, we constantly promote safety awareness among individuals and organisations.

Occupational cancer is one of the common causes of health related deaths but little awareness was readily available for the workforce. IOSH’s No Time To Lose campaign came in time with an effort to raise awareness for workers and help businesses take action on prevention.

KBA Training Centre Pte Ltd and KB Associates Pte Ltd strongly support this campaign and have a company policy for several years to ensure all employees undergo their annual health medical screening as early detection of cancer is crucial to increase the chances for successful treatment. We will continue to provide this health screening which has proven effective in raising awareness and supporting of treatments from related check-ups.

Darren Brunton
Managing Director

KBA Training Centre Pte Ltd

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"As a running event supplier, we welcome the opportunity to work in partnership with IOSH by supporting their No Time to Lose campaign. Any assistance in raising awareness can only help us met our own reduction targets for beating occupational cancer and uphold our commitment to our greatest asset – our people."

Tony Redgrift
Warehouse and HSE Manager