CIRAS is continuing to support the industry in delivering better health and safety awareness…

We believe that more attention needs to be given to occupational health, in particular occupational cancers. Needless deaths are occurring each year that could be prevented if we all had a greater appreciation of the risks of exposure to carcinogens.

It’s very positive to see IOSH taking positive action, and we fully support the No Time To Lose campaign. This is a campaign that needs backing by every industry across the country, as we all have a part to play in raising awareness and increasing our knowledge of this issue. If we all get on board in supporting this campaign, we can hope to see a healthier and more sustainable workforce in the future.”

Paul Russell
Head of CIRAS

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"Employers need to bring ‘health’ back into health and safety in a serious manner if we’re to begin to reduce this level of work-related fatalities. The IOSH campaign is an excellent way to bring this subject to the forefront of employers’ health and safety strategy and will ultimately help to save lives."

Mark Paterson
Client Risk Manager