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Representing civil engineering contractors building and maintaining the UK’s critical infrastructure networks in transport, energy, water, waste and communications, CECA takes a proactive approach to significant occupational safety and health issues.

For example with our Health Management Toolkit to help contractors implement a robust management system to better deal with work-related ill health issues. So we’re pleased to back IOSH’s No Time to Lose campaign, and will help spread campaign messages to the 300-plus firms in our membership.

Peter Crosland
National Civil Engineering Manager

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"Transport for London is pleased to support the IOSH No Time to Lose campaign to raise awareness and encourage positive action on work-related cancer prevention. We are actively engaged in reducing worker exposures to carcinogens as part of our health, safety and environment management system and we are delighted to lead the campaign against lung cancer caused by exposure to the fumes that can come from diesel. For us, preventing ill health is a key part of a rolling programme of continuous improvement. We urge other employers to support this important campaign, to reduce the incidence of work-related cancer."

Sir Peter Hendy CBE