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Photo of John CherrieProfessor John Cherrie

Research Director

Institute of Occupational Medicine

John’s research interests include human exposure assessment, environmental and occupational epidemiology, natural and synthetic fibres – including asbestos, dermal exposure to chemicals and dermatitis, and particulate air pollution. He also prepares medico-legal reports in relation to dust and chemical exposures, particularly to do with occupational cancer risks.

Photo of Leslie RushtonDr Lesley Rushton OBE

Reader in Occupational Epidemiology

Imperial College London

Lesley is a medical statistician and epidemiologist with a degree in Mathematics from Oxford University and an MSc in Statistics from Sussex University. She holds a PhD in methodological aspects of epidemiological studies gained at the Institute of Cancer Research, London, and has been awarded an OBE for service to occupational health. She is currently involved in multidisciplinary research programmes into occupational and environmental causes of ill health. She is the lead author of the groundbreaking report ‘The burden of occupational cancer in Great Britain’.

Photo of Ian StrudleyIan Strudley

Head of Health Risk Management Unit

Health and Safety Executive

Ian has worked for more than 20 years with the HSE as an inspector, dealing with management of health risks, notably respiratory illness from asbestos, silica, lead and other hazardous substances including biological agents, musculoskeletal disease, noise, vibration and skin disease. He has a BSc in Biological Sciences and an MSc in Occupational Health Sciences. His current role involves encouraging improvements in the management of health risks in construction to reduce the toll of occupational disease in the industry.

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"Safety Groups UK is happy to support the IOSH campaign on occupational cancer. It’s vital to get the message out about this significant occupational health issue – not only for those individuals and families directly affected, but also from the perspective of business, and the national economy as a whole."

John Cairns